Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!!!!

Hope you all had a Great and Safe Labor Day Weekend :) . We had a rainy weekend and today is looking gloomy also.

Did get a couple special orders done and ready to go!!!!!! Now I can work on some to list, hopefully. I should have put some pictures on of them but I have to get some new batteries for my camera and just haven't went and done it yet.

Guess I will get to work, Hubby cut more blocks out for me last night so now I am ready to go.

Have a Great Week everyone !!!!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fabric, Fabric and more Fabric

LOL Decided to go through my fabric and was that a mistake....Now I just have more things I want to do and never enough time :(. Have a few purses cut out and ready to sew, hope to get to that this evening. Hubby just looked out the mess and laughed. LOL I told him he was going to be doing the cutting so I wouldn't laugh to hard.... He does cut my blocks out for me because I am very dangerous with a rotary cutter. Well I am going to get to sewing and hope everyone is having a Great Labor Day Weekend. We have rain here so our plans got canceled which was fine by me, now I can sew :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WOW!!!! September Already :)

Where has the Summer gone???????? September already and the temp. got down to 46 last night :(. Old man winter will be here before we know it. Missouri has had a strange summer this year, never really had any hot, hot weather at all.

Been doing some local sewing orders and now have them done and hope to be able to get some done and listed on my sites before long. Don't know about ebay though, I might close up shop there and just do a few listings. I was hoping it would pick up but doesn't look like it. so I guess we will see, still haven't made up my mind yet. I have been selling on ebay for 5 years now and this last 6 months has been Bad, with hardly any sells. I know there has been alot of others that haven't been doing as well either. Anyone know of any other good sites???

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Still Here!!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I have RA and have had a pretty bad set back with that. So we changed meds. and seeing how that is going to work. For the ones out there that have this you all know the depression that comes along with it and that is what has hit me so hard this time. But I am starting to feel some better and hope to get back to my sewing before to long but not going to push right now.

I do have a new bag/purse done and a security blanket that I will be listing soon on ebay. I hope sales are picking up for the ones that are selling there. Hasn't been much sells here.

We have had a beautiful Summer here in Missouri, cooler than normal but I love it. Fall will be here before we know. Then we all will be gripping about winter LOL.

Hope everyone has had a great Summer and wonderful vacations.

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Summer in Missouri"

You have to love Missouri weather LOL, One day it is in the 90's and you can't breath and the next day is in the 70's. Well today is one of the cooler days and We are going to take the grandbabies to the park for a day of fun......

Haven't got much chance to do any sewing lately. Hope to get back to it before long. Doesn't look like much is selling anyway right now. Hope that picks up before to long, if not I will have to close my ebay store down :(.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool. Have a Great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I"m Back.....LOL

I am finally back after three weeks without a computer. Talk about withdraws, LOL

Hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July.

Hope to get back in the swing of things real soon. Never knew how much time I spent on the computer until I didn't have it for so long.

Well , I hope everyone is doing good and will post more later.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why is Summer So Busy???? LOL

Sorry I haven't been on for awhile but it has been real crazy around here and sometimes I meet myself coming and going. LOL

I know I am a day late but I hope all you Dad's out there had a Great Father's Day.

Today is Hubby's Birthday and I cheated and bought his cake. It was too hot for baking. And besides he had a good meal yesterday for Father's Day so I couldn't spoil him by doing it two days in a roll.

After all the rain and cooler temps this spring, the hot weather hit us all at once. Heat index has been around 105 for the last few days. Summer has arrived!!!!! You have to love Missouri weather (not). I could handle the heat but the humidity is the pits.

Hope to get back to doing some sewing but that is yet to be seen. have alot of projests in mind just no time to do them as of yet.

Everyone Have a Great Week!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hope Everyone Had a Great Weekend.

It was a beautiful weekend here this weekend, NO Rain so the ground was able to dry up some. We have had so much rain this Spring. I don't think I can remember a wetter Spring. Rain and storms are back in the forecast for the first part of this coming week :(. I know alot of people are needing rain and here I am gripping about it.

Did some yard work yesterday and got the grass cut. And today I got some sewing done. Working on a few more security/lovey rag quilts.

Had the grandbabies Friday and the oldest one, which will be two in a few months loves chickens. Well we got him a few and he had to get in the pen with them. He was so cute with them. Here is a few pictures of Him and his bocboc's as he calls them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good Tuesday Morning!!!!!!

Morning everyone. Haven't posted for awhile, have been busy with sewing, yard work, some gardening and trips to and from the doctor. Hoping things will calm down where I can get more sewing done and stuff listed.
Spring and Summer is always busy around here!!!!!!!! And the older I get the slower I get LOL. I love this time of the year though and all the beautiful flowers. I also love to fish and any time I can, I take off fishing. It is so calming to set by the river and not have any worries while you are there. LOL

Hope everyone is doing good with their sales. I haven't been doing much selling at all on the sites. Keep hoping things will pick up, if not thinking about closing mine down all together.

Everyone have a Good Day :)

Friday, May 29, 2009


Morning all!!!!!!!! Looks like it is going to be another great day here.
Going to get the grandbabies for the day and then hoping to start on somemore sewing projects and get some that I have started finished after I drop them back off this afternoon. Planning on sewing most of the weekend :).

Hope everyone has a Great Weekend!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Back LOL

Here are a couple pictures of one of my many Irises. It is a dark purple and sooooo pretty :)

Computer went down on me over the weekend and had to wait to take it to the shop yesterday. He got it back up and running fast for me. I told him I was having withdraws. LOL

Hope everyone had a safe and great Holiday weekend and remember our servicemen and women that have gave and giving the ultimate sacrifice for us all.

Haven't got much sewing done this week. I am going to have to get busy. have alot I want to do. Just seems like i never have the TIME :(

Friday, May 22, 2009

WoW!!!!!!!Where Did Another Week Go????

Hope everyone had a great week. I have been so busy and another week has flown bye.

I sold 4 of my security/lovey's out of the 5 I posted, so I am doing the happy dance there. Now I have to get some more finished. And I have another quilt I have started but don't know yet when I will get the time to finish it.

I Have the grandbabies for the weekend. Hayden is 22 months and always on the go and now baby Tristen is crawling. LOL So grandma is going to be busy, busy, busy.

Hope everyone has a Safe and Fun Holiday Weekend :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Listed Some New Things Yesterday. Here's a Few!!!!!!

I just love the pinks in the "Pink Peony Rag Quilt"

Another week almost gone....Seems like time just flies by.

Hope everyone had a Good and fun week!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful Day Today.

Hope all you Mom's out there had a Great Mother's Day.

We had some bads storms in this area over the weekend and alot of flooding. With all the rain we had then got another 3 to 4 inches Thursday night into Friday. Expecting more for the middle of the week. I am still thinking about building that boat. LOL

I am still working on getting some new things listed but things have been crazy around here so hopefully some time this week. I am still not feeling 100% after this last bout with pneumonia. But I am going to try and get somethings ready and pictures taking in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone has a Great Week :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beautiful Tuesday

It is a Beautiful day here today. The trees are filling out and the flowers are blooming. Now if the pollen would lay down LOL When the wind moves the trees it looks like a green fog. No windows open today :(. I guess that's what I have to expect when I live in the middle of the woods. But I wouldn't change the peace and quite here for nothing. So I will have to look like a little green man for a few days longer.

I have some errands to run this afternoon and a doctors appt., then hoping to be able to come home and get some sewing done. I have the pink infant rag quilt in the dryer now. It turned out sew cute.......wanting to get them listed in the next couple days if I get the time.

Ok guess I better get in the shower and get to moving here. Hope everyone has a Wonderful Day..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good Saturday Afternoon

Hope everyone is having a Great weekend. I am suppose to be sewing but instead messing with this blog and trying to get it figured out. LOL

Had a Visit with the Grandbabies yesterday and loved it.

Got a couple little rag quilts in the washer and clipping a regular size infant pink flowered one. It is going to be so cute when I get it finished. I hope to do that this week.

The sun is shining today and around 60 degrees. I love this weather. my son is cutting the grass and I love to smell the grass as it is being mowed.

Well I guess I need to get off of here and get some things done. Have a Great Weekend everybody :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Rainy Day!!!!!!

More rain today, it has rained here most of the time since Sunday. We're going to have to build a boat soon. LOL And the pollen is killer but I love seeing all the trees get there leafs back and the flowers blooming.
I have to get some packages ready for the mail and do a few errands in town, then I am hoping to get the rag quilt clipped and washed before the weekend. I need to get some more on ebay, I sold my last rag quilt and burp clothes on there so I am going to have to get in gear.
Still haven't had time to work on this and get it all figured out. But I got some great info. from the girl's in the RQQ's group. They are a great bunch and help so much. I also belong to another Great group and they are Wonderful "Best Friends Forever" . Between these two ebay groups there is never a dull moment. And I have found some beautiful friends.

Have to get busy now. I hope you all Have a Wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Tuesday Morning Everyone.

I have a busy day today, lots of errands to run this morning and then go with Hubby to doctors appt. this afternoon.

I Have several security/lovie quilts that I need to finish clipping and a regular size infant one to clip if I can ever get the time. LOL Might get to work on them this evening. Hoping anyway. Seems like the older I get the faster the time flies bye or I am just getting slower. LOL

The Hummingbirds has sure made a return and are really swarming the feeders this morning. I love to set and watch them. They are one of my favorite birds.

Well I have to get off my duff and into the shower. Must start this day and already running late.

Have a Great Day All....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Trying my hand at posting Pics.

This is a couple pictures of my Grandbabies.

Photobucket Hayden is 22 months

Photobucket Tristen is 7 months.

Think I figured it out :)

New at Blogging

Hello, This is all new to me and maybe I will get it figured out, not for sure. LOL
Was supposed to be sewing today but took a break and been messing with this ever since.
I belong to some Great groups on Ebay and alot of the girl's have blogs so I thought I would try it out also. After I get it all figured out I think I will enjoy it.