Monday, June 22, 2009

Why is Summer So Busy???? LOL

Sorry I haven't been on for awhile but it has been real crazy around here and sometimes I meet myself coming and going. LOL

I know I am a day late but I hope all you Dad's out there had a Great Father's Day.

Today is Hubby's Birthday and I cheated and bought his cake. It was too hot for baking. And besides he had a good meal yesterday for Father's Day so I couldn't spoil him by doing it two days in a roll.

After all the rain and cooler temps this spring, the hot weather hit us all at once. Heat index has been around 105 for the last few days. Summer has arrived!!!!! You have to love Missouri weather (not). I could handle the heat but the humidity is the pits.

Hope to get back to doing some sewing but that is yet to be seen. have alot of projests in mind just no time to do them as of yet.

Everyone Have a Great Week!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hope Everyone Had a Great Weekend.

It was a beautiful weekend here this weekend, NO Rain so the ground was able to dry up some. We have had so much rain this Spring. I don't think I can remember a wetter Spring. Rain and storms are back in the forecast for the first part of this coming week :(. I know alot of people are needing rain and here I am gripping about it.

Did some yard work yesterday and got the grass cut. And today I got some sewing done. Working on a few more security/lovey rag quilts.

Had the grandbabies Friday and the oldest one, which will be two in a few months loves chickens. Well we got him a few and he had to get in the pen with them. He was so cute with them. Here is a few pictures of Him and his bocboc's as he calls them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good Tuesday Morning!!!!!!

Morning everyone. Haven't posted for awhile, have been busy with sewing, yard work, some gardening and trips to and from the doctor. Hoping things will calm down where I can get more sewing done and stuff listed.
Spring and Summer is always busy around here!!!!!!!! And the older I get the slower I get LOL. I love this time of the year though and all the beautiful flowers. I also love to fish and any time I can, I take off fishing. It is so calming to set by the river and not have any worries while you are there. LOL

Hope everyone is doing good with their sales. I haven't been doing much selling at all on the sites. Keep hoping things will pick up, if not thinking about closing mine down all together.

Everyone have a Good Day :)